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Technology is changing the way people work together, and today's web-savvy audiences expect rich, dynamic communications. To engage with your viewers, you need a solution that can seamlessly bring together your content to deliver a compelling, interactive streaming. The solution should be flexible to meet changing business needs, yet cost effective and easy to manage and use.

Focal2 delivers the industry's most complete managed webcasting solution, backed by experience and today's most advanced technologies. Available worldwide, the Focal2 Managed Webcasting Solution is an end-to-end offering that lets you streamline processes, minimize risks, and keep costs under control. So you can focus on your event, instead of worrying about technology.

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  • Last-minute/last-mile Internet connectivity
  • Onsite encoding for webcast
  • An end-to-end service
  • 24-hrs network monitoring and management
  • Static IP allocation if necessary
  • Multiuser experiences for your audience
Management, Coordination, and Monitoring: Complete Control
live streaming of event like marriages, fashion show, corporate sminars, in tirupathi, banglore, tamilnadu

Managing and coordinating a video webcast is a complex endeavour. The key steps involved in developing a webcast, from production to encoding to playback, any involve a large number of groups, organization, and people all working towards a common goal (see Figure 4). However, these disparate groups may not always be working together as a team, or have access to needed information.

A successful webcast requires a strong management team to closely coordinate a variety of groups, assign tasks, and track progress. A webcast technical director can play a vital role in running an event, deciding what content will be played, as well as when content is published and pushed to the staging and production environments.

  • Keeping the team Connected
  • Checklist
  • Equipment monitoring
  • 24-hrs network monitoring and management
  • Onsite encoding for webcast
  • Multiuser experiences for your audience

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